Frequently asked questions


Questions asked by sellers

How do I upload my photos for sale on this website?

To upload your photos for sale on this website, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the registration page using the following link - Register . Registration and uploads are free!
  • While filling up the registration form indicate your ‘Purpose for registration’ as ‘Contributor’.
  • Fill up other details on the registration page as required and submit your registration.
  • Follow the instructions on sceen after that to login and to submit your photos for sale.


Do I have to fear about loosing copyright / ownership of my photos if I upload them for sale on this website?

No, you have nothing to fear about in this regard. You will continue to be the owner and copyright holder of your photos after you upload them for sale on this website and even after your photos have been sold through this website.


Can I upload photos with watermark on it?

Since photos are bought and downloaded directly from our site, we do not accept watermarked photos. See our upload guidelines for more information on the type of photos accepted by us.


How is licensing and pricing of my photos decided?

You can see this link - License type and pricing for details. This link is accessible to contributors only and will require you to login or register as contributor.


How do I find out if I have made any sales?

We provide elaborate details for each sale of your photos on this website. All your photos which has been accepted by us and published for sale are listed on your Profile -> Photos on sale. Once one of your photos is sold, you can view the sale on the page Profile -> Sales report. Sales report is provided on a month by month basis, so choose a month and year on the Sales report page to view all sales between that month and year.


Do I get paid for every sale?

Yes, each of your photos can be sold multiple times and for each sale you will be paid. There is no limit on how many times each of your photos can be sold from this website.


What are keywords and why do I need to provide keywords for my photos?

Keywords are words or phrases which is used by our search engine to index your content. When a visitor uses our website search to look for content, our search engine matches the search terms provided by visitor with the keywords of your content and shows your content to the visitor.

So it is extremely important for you to provide as many keywords as possible for your photos so that our search engine is able to match your content against visitor search terms broadly and easily. This increases the visibility of your content many fold and visitors can reach your content quicker.


How do you protect my photos from unauthorized use?

We have taken multiple measures to ensure that your valued work is protected from unauthorized download, during transit (being uploaded or downloaded to/from our servers using the internet) and when it is stored at our servers.

We watermark your photos from our side whenever they are displayed to visitors on the website in resolution greater than 400px.

The original non-watermarked images for a respective resolution are only accessible to the customer when customer has bought the necessary license. The download link then provided to the customer has a unique token tied to the customer, license and resolution of the photo. Without providing the unique token in the download link, the customer will not be able to download the respective original photo.

We have deployed SSL encryption throughout the website and all data transmissions between any visitor / user and our servers is encrypted. This ensures that your photos remain protected during upload and download by authorized people like contributors and customers.

We also store the photos encrypted on our servers so that they are inaccessible to any unauthorized person accessing the server.


How can I make the most of this website?

This website is dedicated towards making your contributions a rewarding experience, everytime. Everytime you upload a photo, you gain points! These points can be redeemed for cash rewards or for availing other benefits on the site. You can also participate in ongoing contests while you submit your photos for sale and win cash prize upto INR 10,000. Hence by having a great portfolio on this website you will be rewarded in best ways possible. To get the maximum out this site, we recommed you to have atleast 20 photos for sale.