We just became friendlier

In pursuit of making Pic n span more relevant for contributors and customers, we continuously strive to provide you with new features and tools so that you can achieve your goals on site easily.

Inline with the above, we have introduced two such new features.

1. Photos customers are looking for

Usually when contributors submit photos, they have little idea what photos people are looking for. So checkout our new feature 'Photos customers are looking for' on the home page which is available exclusively to our contributors to find out what people are looking for on our website. 'Photos customers are looking for' list is compiled from the search terms which people have used on our site to look for photos. So login to your account to take advantage of this new feature immediately.

2. Reward points

Now also get rewarded for submitting photos! We have introduced reward points for contributors when they submit photos and when the photos are accepted by us. You can redeem the points for cash or to avail other features / services on the website. You can start accumulating points right now by submitting photos. The complete terms will be made available shortly.