Browser and device support

We do every effort to make all features / services of our website available to each and every visitor / user. But due to technological limitations and the nature of services provided by this website, we do not support old browsers and few old mobile devices. Below are the list of unsupported browsers and devices on this website. Any older version of the browser or device mentioned below are also not supported on this website. We strongly recommend visitors and users of this website to use latest version of their browser and operating system and install latest security updates on their devices to access all features and services of this website.

Unsupported browsers

  1. Internet Explorer 6 (Windows XP)
  2. Internet Explorer 8 (Windows XP)
  3. Nokia Browser for Symbian
  4. Opera Mobile for Symbian
  5. Mozilla Firefox 2
  6. Safari (Windows XP)
  7. Google Chrome 6.0

Unsupported devices

  1. Android 2.3.7 (Devices running this version of the OS)
  2. BlackBerry OS 7.1 (Devices running this version of the OS)
  3. Windows Mobile 6.5 (Devices running this version of the OS)