Photography skills you must possess in 2018

Photography skills you must posses in 2018

Good looking and gorgeous photos are in demand like never before, people are augmenting their stories, blogs, articles with photos to catch and retain reader's attention. So if you want to make a mark in the world of photography you must learn these techniques this year to stay ahead of the crowd.

Since photography requires both an artistic bent of mind and technical knowhow of your camera and other tools, it very important for a photographer to keep himself / herself updated with latest developments in the field of photography to be able to sell their work.

Shoot as much as you can

As they say practice makes one perfect. It is true even in the field of photography. Take out your camera and shoot anything that interests you. Participate in photo walks or join your local photography clubs. Go on photography excursions. Photographing on a regular basis improves your framing skills, your ability to adjust camera setting on the fly to get that perfect shot, your ability to recognize good subjects for photography, to discover your favorite genre and most importantly to grow your love for photography.

Get hold of your camera settings

Your camera is your primary tool in photography, you must master this tool to be a better photographer. Since a photograph is light impression on your camera sensor, it is important to know how you can control the amount of light which enters through the camera. It can be done in two ways one by increasing the aperture and another by decreasing the shutter speed. It is difficult to adjust both manually at the same time to get desired results so you should adjust one manually and leave the other in auto setting i.e. let the camera set the other for you. Once you master this technique, you will find vast improvement in the pictures you take.

Always make sure that your subject is amply lit, you can ensure this when you use your camera in aperture priority mode. Aperture priority mode helps you in achieving the required illumination of your subject while altering the shutter speed automatically. In low light conditions it is important to use a tripod since camera will set the shutter speed to be too low for you to take the picture handheld without shake.

Shoot in RAW

If you want to edit your photos with a professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to give dramatic effects to your photo then switch to RAW mode from JPEG. RAW files are substantially bigger than JPEG ones but they contain lossless details about the picture. This makes them ideal for editing as they have more dynamic range. To get the best results from a RAW file you need a good RAW conversion tool like Abode Lightroom.

Use appropriate light metering mode

Most DSLRs have more than one choice for light metering. Different light metering modes help you in getting right illumination of the subject in difficult lighting situations. For example when you want to shoot a street light at night. In this case the street light is very bright but it's surroundings are pitch dark. With normal evaluative metering mode your camera will capture the street light too bright for you to capture any detail. You will also not be able to edit this picture it to any degree to improve your results. The solution is to set the metering to spot in this case. Spot metering will only measure the light from center of the lens or only the street light and will get you a perfect exposure of the street light. Spot metering is very useful in getting shots of very bright but small objects like a light bulb, the moon, the sun at sunset and sunrise. So donot be stuck with evaluative mode, experiment with other metering modes to see which gives you a better result under different lighting conditions.

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